Each DSP schedules their payouts differently.

  • Please download and open your latest report to review your report details.

  • Most DSPS have a lag of 60 to 90 Days between when streams are played/sold and when they are paid out.

  • We can only include in your statement what has been paid out in the month previous to when we send out your Revelator Statement.

  • In general please download the report and you can see exactly what DSPs were included in the report by looking at the summary tab. If you look at the ‘sales raw data’ tab you can filter on column B and C to see the reporting month and the DSPs transactions that are included in the statement.

  • Please keep in mind that sometimes DSPs are late in reporting or paying. There are even times where the DSPs discover missed transactions months or years later and will then issue an adjustment report (and payment) for these transactions. When we receive historical reports and funds we will also include those in your statement and you will see this reflected in Column B of the ‘sales raw data’.


  • Our general payout policy: Revelator will payout funds within 30 day of receipt of funds from DSPS or Merlin.

  • Ex.: Funds received up to Oct 31st 2020 are reported in Revelator’s November 2020 statement

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