Revelator automatically imports to your Revenue section your revenue reports from the following sources (providing that you have entered your access credentials in the Services section):

  1. iTunes Connect (for iTunes, iTunes Match and Apple Music reports)

  2. Amazon (for Amazon Music, Amazon Cloud and Amazon Music Unlimited reports)

  3. All reports provided by Merlin

Reports are auto imported 3 times a week on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (at 4 AM GMT). Our system will scan the source to check if any new reports (meaning reports that have not been previously imported) are available, and if they are, they will get imported.

Our system will auto-import new reports as far back as the past 4 months, meaning that if it is May 30th, our system will scan for new reports for April, March, February and January (we never scan for the current month since, by definition, the current month's report is only provided by the DSPs the following month).


How come I'm not seeing a report I was expecting to be auto-imported by now?

The issue may be any of the following:

  1. The report may not yet have been provided by the DSP or Merlin. Each DSP reports on the previous month at different dates the following month (usually between the 15th and 25th of the following month). It may simply be that the DSP has not yet provided the report, or that it is late in providing it this particular month.

  2. We only scan for reports 4 months back, and it may be that your report is older.

  3. We are currently transitioning some reports from our old ingestion engine to our new ingestion (described above). Report ingestion via our older engine is less comprehensive and may miss a report if it was provided later than usual.

What should I do if I need to import a report now instead of waiting for it to be auto-ingested?

You can manually import the report (Revenue > + Import report(s) [blue button on the page]). If our system later finds the report from the source FTP/system, it will import it and create a duplicate report for that month. However, this will not be difficult to identify (the month and amount will be identical and it will be in "not approved" status). You can delete the duplicate report.


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