Customers that have an iTunes Connect account can do their own artist mapping or requesting a new artist profile. Follow these steps:

1. Go to My MUSIC and search for the UPC and click on the album to see the Album details.

2. Click on Edit Metadata (right side button)

3. At the album level and the track level where ever you see the artist name click on the name of the artist. You must do the following for each instance on the Album level and the Track level.

4. A popup will appear where you can edit the artist ID by clicking on the ARTIST ID that is currently in the system.

5. A second pop up will appear where you can select the correct artist ID for or select for them to create a new one using the button at the bottom of the last screen shot.

6. When you have edited all instance of this artist you must hit SAVE and SUBMIT the bottom right corner of the Album detail page.

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