Due to new YouTube requirements, there are some preconditions for being able to use our deal for Content ID. All of these requirements come from YouTube, so there is nothing that we can do about it. Furthermore, it jeopardizes our royalty rate when these requirements are not followed, so please note that we cannot allow any errors here. Here are the requirements:

  • If you distribute to YT CID, then you MUST also distribute to YT M at the same time. There can never be a case of a release/asset on YT CID without it ALSO being on YT M. So also: do not allow takedowns from CID without also doing a takedown from M. Note: it is OK to distribute to M and not to CID.

  • Furthermore, the territorial rights MUST be exactly the same, or, at the very least, YT M must NOT have fewer territories than CID.

In short: YouTube wants to ensure that YT M NEVER has less content or rights than YT CID.As a result of issues in the past, we need to validate that your UI will enforce this behavior so that your users don’t make a mistake. Until then, distribution to YT CID is blocked. If you need to send something to CID before we can validate your UI, please send an email to [email protected] and we will send the item to CID.

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