Can you offer any guidance for releasing singles, where those singles will also be the same version that will appear on an EP or Album coming later down the line?

There is no issue with releasing singles that will later be included on an EP or an album at a later date except when distributed to Facebook (see below). The single, the EP, or album will share tracks with the same ISRC numbers but each product will each have a unique UPC number.

What do I do when delivering to Facebook?

The issue that arises delivering to Facebook/Instagram involves the sale start dates. Facebook has this quirky process where for deliveries that include the same ISRC, they will take the data from the latest fingerprint batch into account.
If the same ISRC that is already live is delivered again with a new EP or album, the start date will be overwritten to that new EP or album. Facebook uses the date of the last release delivered.

If you need the ISRC on a previous release to be live, you need to redeliver THAT release again. For example, if you first deliver the single to be released to a specific date and then you release the EP with another future date. The single's start date will be overwritten and will be released using the date of the EP (the last delivered ISRC).
To fix this you need to send a redelivery of the single that you want live.

Can they co-exist on the streaming services when they share the same track ISRC ?

Yes they can co-exist on DSPs when they share the same track ISRC.

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