Revelator supports over 118 different revenue reports for automatic ingestion or direct upload. If you have a report that we don't have a parser for, please follow the directions below in order to upload your specific report into the Revelator platform. 


  1. Make a copy of the Sales Report Ingestion Template and fill out the spreadsheet inside of Google Sheets. Problems may occur if you try filling it out in Excel or some other spreadsheet app. 

  2. Please fill out the sheet on the 'Template' tab — all columns required unless noted otherwise. 

  3. Ignore all other tabs and do not delete/modify them. 

  4. When you see a little black triangle on the side of the cell, this means that there is a note on the cell — mouse over it to read it. 

  5. Please fill out ONLY ONE Template sheet per report. If you need to import multiple reports, please create another Template sheet (click on the little triangle of the Template tab and select "Duplicate") 

  6. Once you have finished entering data, please:

  • Delete rows 2 and 3 (they are there for instructions only)

  • Export the Template sheet as a CSV file: File Menu > Download > Comma-separated values — make sure you do so while on the Template tab. 

  • Upload the saved file into your account under Earnings

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