Metadata Inspector is a way for our customer's support teams to quickly inspect a release’s metadata and conformity to DSP style guides so as to either correct it, validate the release for distribution, or send it back to the end user with the appropriate notes in order for them to resolve the issues.

With Metadata Inspector enabled on your account, after an end-user elects to distribute their release the release will first go to the Inspection Queue before it can be delivered to the DSPs.

The Inspector enables your support team to visually check and prevent potential errors by fixing the issue directly or sending it back to the user to address directly with notes on how to fix the issues. The notes can be either canned-response notes or free text.

You can add batch actions to copy metadata from one track and apply it to another or to all tracks within your selection.

you can also add notes at the Release level and the account level for your support team to review your comments.

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