Revelator provides a complete set of tools to help analyze and understand streaming and download data. Find out which of your songs or albums are most popular, where listeners are based and which services they prefer to access music on.

Analytics includes the following sections:

  • Daily Trends

  • Monthly Revenue

  • Leaderboard

  • Geo

Daily Trends display the figures for consumption data (streaming numbers) which are updated daily on Revelator for DSPs (digital service providers, ie Spotify) that supply it.

Revelator has integrations with the following DSPs:

  • iTunes

  • iTunes Match

  • Apple Music

  • Spotify

  • Deezer

  • Amazon

  • Soundcloud

  • UMA and Pandora are next to be integrated.

Additionally, many of the DSPs have great Artists pages where you can see how many followers your musical profile has on their platform. Soundcloud for example offers certain artist subscribers the availability to see the profiles of their top listeners. Here are the links to the DSP Artist pages:

Utilizing the streaming data provided can aid in planning your next tour. For example: seeing which countries your top listeners reside in, knowing which streaming platforms your music is most played on, which will help to guide you on where to advertise, etc. 

The data is here to help you as an artist know where and which musical ventures to invest your earnings into.  

Daily Trends are only available if our customer distributes through Revelator or has direct deals with the DSPs.

Availability for financial data (ie royalties) are updated monthly under Revenue Analytics.


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