The correct flow for UPDATING metadata and assets.:

a) For a single DSP

b) For all DSP's

The first thing to do is to update the metadata of the asset.

1. Go to Assets and select the asset you want to modify

2. From the Action Button on the upper right corner select Modify (see screen shot)

3. Update the metadata by going through the four tabs at the top:

01 Main info

02 Tracks

03 Publishing

04 Review and Save

4.After you have saved your updates and there are no validation errors a screen will pop up as seen below. Select Send and update to stores & services

5. You will be taken to the Distribution Tab

6. To deliver you must do the following steps for each of the separate Live Tab and Distributed Tab.

7. Select the DSP or All the DSPs that you want to update from the LIVE tab and then from the Option drop-down menu select Update/edit distribution.

The Update/edit Distribution page will open and you can then select the DSPs and update the release date if needed and Send.

Don’t forget to Do STEP 7 for both LIVE and DISTRIBUTED TAB

If a metadata update doesn't go through, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • a metadata error which would be communicated in the distribution's error message

  • a minor processing error that won't show up the next time when trying to submitting the update again

  • a processing error that requires investigation and potential development work to fix on our end

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