For users migrating from Orchard, earlier reports can be moved to Revelator. Users will need access to their current Orchard account in order to export existing reports.

Orchard documentation describes how to view and download a report of all sales through a given period on a track-by-track detail accordingly:

  • Select “Accounting” in the main navigation

  • Select the “Statements” menu item

  • Select “Request Report”

  • Enter criteria for the report you would like to receive. To import the file into Revelator, select xls under File Type, and US Format under Number Format.

  • Once complete, select “Request Report.” You will be redirected to a new page showing the status of your report. You will receive an email when your report has been generated, along with a page link to download your report.

Once reports have been exported from Orchard, they can be ingested into your Revelator account using the upload manager. The process is the same as for stores that do not currently automate ingestion directly into Revelator. Several file types are supported including xls, csv, txt and ofx. 

Note: Uploads continue in the background as long as an active window is open allowing continued use of other services without interruption.

  • To upload a file, navigate to the Earnings section and click "import reports" 

  • Either drag a file from your desktop to the center of the page, or click Browse files to find the report using the file browser.

  • A progress window will appear tracking the upload status. Multiple reports may be uploaded simultaneously. Additional reports can be added by dragging the file to the top of the page, or clicking browse files. 

  • As the report is being uploaded, the filetype and subtype may be selected by clicking the dropdown list on the relevant line.

  • On the right of each line is a dropdown action menu where uploads can be paused or canceled. If cancel upload is selected, a confirmation window will appear asking to verify the choice or continue the upload.

  • Similarly, multiple uploads in progress can be selected by marking the checkbox on the left of each line. Clicking the blue Actions button provides a list of options that apply to all selected uploads including: Ingest to database, pause upload, cancel upload, and delete file.

Once a file has finished uploading, you can close the window, as your reports will be ingested and will be visible in Earnings section. Make sure you review and approve your reports to enable the availability of data in Revenue Analytics.

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