It can be annoying to realize that the music data sent to music stores contains errors (wrong or corrupted audio files, artwork, incorrect titles or inaccurate metadata). That's why we encourage everyone to double and triple check before submitting a release.
But what to do if that's already the case? Can you just make the updates on Revelator platform and resend, or issue a full takedown, and then send the whole corrected release altogether.

The safest choice is to issue a full take down (see, reassemble the release and then re-send it to stores. This is true especially if a major component such as audio file or artwork needs replacment.

Most stores however do allow to update metadata, including release and track titles. If that's your case update data by clicking "Modify" (see screenshot below) on the Assets -> Distribution  and proceed to updating the data, and send to stores.

Follow-up with each store to see that updates indeed went into effect.
Good luck!

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