If there are assets that have been delivered to DSPs with incomplete or incorrect metadata, corrections may be sent. Each store will update the release separately as they receive and approve the changes, regardless of whether it is live or not yet available publicly.

First start by navigating to Assets from the main menu, and then to the tracks that will be updated. If they are currently being processed by a DSP, they will likely be locked and will not be editable until processing is finished. Alternatively they may be taken down in, the metadata can be corrected and then files may be sent again to DSPs.

If the track is not locked for distribution, edit any fields that require correction, and save the changes.

Now, navigate to Distribution from the main menu, and then to the Live tab at the top of the page.

Find the release that requires updating either manually or via the search tool.

As the pointer is hovered over any item, an Actions menu will appear. Select Resend release to choose the DSPs that the updated metadata will be sent to.

Alternatively, if several releases will be updated at once, mark the checkbox to the left of each release, and then from the top of the page, click Options and then Send update. 

A popup will ask to confirm your selection. Enter any required text and click Send updates to complete the action.


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