To add publishing information for a sound recording that has already been uploaded to revelator, navigate to the release in Assets from the main menu. Under the Tracks tab, click the title of the track to be edited, and then select the Publishing tab on the top right side of the page. Then complete the following steps:

Enter the full name of a writer of the song. As text is entered, matching names from existing assets will appear, and may be selected. If there is more than one writer, you may repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Select the role of the current writer. The options are:

Enter the percentage share of the publishing rights the writer is entitled to. This will be used within Revelator for further accounting and earnings reports.

Select the publishing rights type. The options are:

Copyright control (self published)
Public domain (no publisher)
Published (managed by a publisher)

Enter the name of the publisher. As text is entered, matching names from previously entered publishers will appear, and you may be selected from the list.

Click “+ Add another writer” for each additional writer with a percentage share of publishing. 

Click Save to confirm all entries and return to the Publishing information tab.

Repeat this step for all available tracks as necessary.

Note: The Share percentage must add up to 100% for all writers included on each track.

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