Daily trends is a dynamic, comprehensive graph where a wide amount of information regarding all assets across all connected services may be viewed. Download and streaming quantities can be viewed at the label, artist or track level; compared across channels and services, and shown which countries and cities fans are listening from.

The default modules shown are:

  • Total units by channels
  • Services
  • Streams
  • Downloads
  • Countries

Within the main Analytics dashboard, any module may be clicked to expand details and view all available information on the Daily Trends graph. 

The current time period displayed can be adjusted from the drop down menu above the graph. Options include:

  • Last 7 days: Displays information for the previous 7 complete days
  • Last 14 days: Displays information for the previous 14 complete days
  • Last 30 days: Displays information for the previous 30 complete days
  • Choose dates: Using the calendar widget, choose a start from the left side and an end date from the right side. Click Apply to confirm and view the graph using your selected date range. 

Additionally, the view may be narrowed by dragging the left or right edges of the graph summary, immediately below the main graph. The remaining highlighted area may be moved left or right, and the graph above will reflect the selected area.

Daily trends may be sorted by any of the available tabs above the graph by simply clicking on them, including:

  • Labels
  • Artists
  • Releases
  • Tracks
  • Formats
  • Channels
  • Services
  • Countries
  • Cities

For each tab selected, streams or downloads will be graphed accordingly within the selected date range. Below the graph is a table detailing all available elements within the current graph view. To include or remove an item from the graph, check or uncheck the box to the left of the item in the table. Only the most popular items will be included initially.

Note: Click the blue “Reports Availability” button to find out which services have sent reports to Revelator regarding any given day. Service information may not be completely accurate until the end of the month. 

The graph compares activity between any item selected from the table below it. Each item is identified on the graph by the same color as the check mark beside it. On the right side of the daily trends graph, select from one of three graph types:

  • Line: Data points will be plotted on a continuous line.
  • Stacked area: Data points will be plotted on a continuous line and a matching solid color will be filled in below each line.
  • Clustered columns: Data points are displayed as columns, with the total height of the column representing the cumulative value of all items for that point in time.

Hover your pointer over any data point to reveal the specific values represented at that point in time.

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