By navigating to the Earnings section from the main menu, all income earnings reports from the currently selected time range will be listed.

Earnings: Reports are automatically generated by Revelator based on data from connected services and the information you have previously input. To import other earnings reports, click the β€œ+ Import report(s)” button and upload one file at at time. Reports are separated into four categories:

  • Digital: see below

  • Physical: Coming Soon

  • Licensing: Coming Soon

  • Publishing: Coming Soon

At the top of the page, select the time period you would like to view earnings reports for. The last 3 months will be displayed by default. Additionally, you may select from:

  • Last month

  • This quarter

  • Last quarter

  • This year

  • Last year

  • Choose dates: select a custom date range

Enter text in the search bar to find reports by name. Additionally, you can also group reports by selecting one of the options from the drop down menu to the left of the search box:

  • Source

  • Date

  • iTunes payment

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