Depending on the service tier currently subscribed to, additional record labels may be created and maintained with separate assets under each one. If you do not currently have access to this service but would like to add it, please contact us.

Click on any available record label in the Rights holders collection to view and edit more information about it. There are three tabs that cover the following information:


Label image: Choose an image or logo to identify your label. We recommend using a file that is at least 1400 pixels in width or height.

Genres: Select as many genres as you think apply to the artists you represent.

Official Name: This is the name of your record label as it will appear on other services.

Description: Write a brief explanation of who you are, and who you represent.

Location: This is where your label is based

Contact email (private): This is the primary contact email for the label, but will not be shared publicly with DSPs.

Contact phone (private): This is the primary phone number for the label, but will not be shared publicly with DSPs.

Websites: Links to all relevant sites can be here including promotional sites or stores for physical sales.
Click "+ Add another website" to add a link and title for any site associated with the label.

Stats: This tab provides and overview of all streaming and purchase history for all available artists represented by the label. Click on a time span to focus on the previous: 1M - One month; 3M - Three months; 6M - Six months; 1Y - One year; 2Y - Two years; Max - All available data 

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