Click on Rights in the main navigation menu to manage the rights for all available contracts. In addition to contracts that have been created manually, assets that have been uploaded to Revelator will have automatically generated contracts based on information previously entered. 

From the main contracts screen, click on any item to see an overview of its terms and parties. Use the filters and search bar to sort and find any contract quickly.

A new contract can be created regardless of the assets or parties currently associated with your Revelator account. New contracts can apply to any time range and may be left inactive if necessary. To begin, click the Create contract button to the right of the search tool and then follow these steps:

Choose the contract type:

  1. Distribution Agreement: This contract covers asset distribution and revenue collection for streaming and digital download rights

  2. Recording Agreement: The contract covers rights to record, promote, license and sell music


In this tab basic information about the contract is defined

  1. Contract name: Name the contract so that it can be organized and found easily.

  2. Party acquiring rights: This is the name of the persons or entity purchasing the rights to the assets in this agreement.

Note: The name of the party acquiring rights will be the name of the primary account holder by default.

Start date: The acquiring party will be entitled to the assets starting on this date.

End date: The acquiring party will be entitled to the assets until this date. To select "In perpetuity" as your end date, enter December 31st, 2099. 

Accounting frequency: Revenue will be reported and calculated in one of the following intervals: Monthly; Quarterly; Semi-annually

Expiration Notification: Select the amount of time in advance of the contract end date for all parties to be notified: One month; Two months; Three months

Click Next at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selections and move to the next page.


In this tab all eligible payment recipients are defined. The sum total of all payee shares must equal 100%.

Select an existing payee if you have previously entered a relevant person in a previous contract or identify the details of the payee.

Payee Name: This is the legal name of the Payee

Starting balance: Include the amount of money outstanding from other contracts, advances

Share %: This is the payee’s share of the royalties.

Email: This is the payee’s email address, used for payment and report notifications. You may enter more than one address.

Commission payee: Select either Yes or No 

  1. Yes: The payee receives their percentage share subtracted from your share.

  2. No: The payee receives a percentage share independent of any other payees

+Payout and contact info: Click this link to either enter the payee’s information, or to invite them via email to fill out their information themselves.

Click “+ Create a new payee” and enter the relevant information until all payees have been included and the Total % is equal to 100%.


In this tab, determine the licensors and assets that this contract will apply to.

Select either Artist or Label from the drop down menu.

Enter the name of a Licensor that will be included in this contract.

Choose which assets you would like this contract to apply to:

  1. Select all assets: All tracks and releases currently in your asset catalog and assigned to the selected artist or label will be included.

  2. Select some assets: When this choice is selected, a dialogue window will pop up allowing you to choose any assets currently available in your catalog assigned to the selected artist or label.

  3. If you have selected all assets, you may also assign this contract to all future assets held by the artist or label.

Add any additional artists or labels that will be governed by this contract, and then click next to continue.


In this tab manage the terms of the contract for both digital and mechanical rights. 

Select the percentage of either retail (SRLP) or wholesale (PPD) sales you would like to assign.

  • SRLP is the “suggested retail list price”, which is the approximate price charged by the retailer (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc).

  • PPD is the “published price to dealers”, which is the approximate price that distributors charge their dealers, or the “wholesale price”.

Confirm that territories (countries) you would like to either include or exclude within the scope of this contract.

Select the services you would like to either include or exclude within this contract from the drop down menu.

Select the release formats this contract will apply to.

Select the channel or channels this contract will apply to.

If there are additional terms you would like to include in this contract, repeat these steps for each one.

Approve: Review each section of the contract you have just created. If you notice any errors, return to the relevant tab, correct the information as necessary, and make sure to save all changes before approving your contract. All assets reported to Revelator that are governed by this contract will now be accounted for accordingly.

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