Any assets or releases that have been uploaded to Revelator can easily be sent as a complete package of files and metadata to any or all available services at once. Click here to view the list of DSPs that we currently deliver to.

Once a release has been created, click Distribute this release and complete the following steps:

Choose a Release start date, which is the date you would like the release to go live on the DSP's. This can either be "As soon as possible" or "On a specific date".

  1. As soon as possible allows for the soonest release date possible. When the release actually goes live primarily depends on the response time from each service. The typical time this requires is anywhere from a few hours and up to a few days. Each service has their own requirements and will make the release public independent of any other service.

  2. On a specific date allows you to choose any date in the future. By choosing this option your release appears publicly on all services at the same time. For unreleased material this helps control the rollout for streamlined promotion.

Choose to distribute worldwide or only in certain territories (countries).

If a limited distribution is chosen, choose either of the following options and then select all relevant countries from the drop-down list.

  • “Distribute only in” to include a list of countries you would like to release your music in.

  • “Distribute everywhere except” to exclude specific countries from your public release.

Select any or all services the release should be distributed to.

  • For Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes/Apple music, which are download services, choose the album tier and track price point for the release.

  • For the remaining streaming services, simply choose whether to include the release on each platform.

  • If you are delivering to YouTube ContentID, you must also select delivery to YouTube Music

Click Send to confirm all information and distribute the release to all selected platforms at once.

You will be asked to confirm your final selection, certify your legal right to distribute the release, and lock your release for distribution.

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