What services do Revelator partners provide?

There are different types of digital partners who can help you get your music and data on Revelator. Whether you have your own direct deals with DSPs, participate in Merlin deals, deliver through CI, FUGA or Audio Salad, distribute through an aggregator or distributor, Revelator can plug-in to any part of your digital business workflow and provide an all-in-one integrated data infrastructure to help you run your business more efficiently.

  • Aggregators help you format, deliver, and manage your music distribution. They can also generate Universal Product Codes (UPC) and International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) for your music. If you sell any music through an aggregator directly, the aggregator then pays you.
  • Encoding houses help you format and deliver your music, music videos, or concert films. If you sell any music through an encoding house, the Digital Service Provider will pay you directly.
  • Digital Service Providers sell or stream your music to consumers. If you have a direct account with any DSP (iTunes, Spotify), Revelator can automatically receive and manage the collection, processing and analysis of your consumption data and financial reporting.

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